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Mandalay Bay Convention Center / Las Vegas, NV / June 25-29 / Booth # 4623

Featured Products


A Game-Changing Connectivity System

Belden designed a better RJ45 connectivity system: one that focuses on the needs of emerging applications, takes advantage of connectivity trends and addresses the pain points expressed by installers.

  • Reliable: REVConnect features a highly reliable termination for a secure, gas-tight connection proven to reduce rework at all category levels.

  • Easy: REVConnect's universal wiring manager supports all Category 5e, 6 and 6A cables with a single tool that covers the entire termination process, including cable preparation.

  • Versatile: The same universal core terminates a jack or plug. Field-terminable plugs, which support Category 6A and high PoE performance, can be terminated as quickly and easily as a jack.


Enterprise Closet "X" (ECX) Patch Panel Solution

Improving on Best in Class

Belden's new ECX platform is an elegant, flexible solution set that improves upon industry-leading patch panel solutions. The ECX platform is designed for LAN environments and provides an easy-to-deploy, efficient solution for installers.

The ECX platform complements the strength of Belden's existing FiberExpress Ultra High Density (UHD) platform within its data center portfolio.

ECX Fiber Patch Panel

Passive Optical LAN (POLAN)

High-Performance, Easy-To-Install and Scalable Solutions

POLAN systems can address scalability and flexibility issues often associated with traditional switch-based LAN environments, eliminating excess equipment and cabling.

Belden offers a complete POLAN passive solution set within the FiberExpress UHD portfolio, including passive optical splitters, fiber cable (composite copper/fiber cables), rack-mount/wall-mount patch panels and new all-dielectric armored fiber cable that provides small-diameter, superior protection for the fiber-to-the-ONT segment of your POLAN deployment.


HDBaseT Solutions

4K Ultra High-Definition Multimedia Content Over One Cable

Based on results from our HDBaseT lab, Belden cables 2183P and 2183R were designed specifically for optimal performance in 4K HDBaseT transmission. These shielded cables deliver 4K content over 100 meters using a unique, small, sleek design. Combined with the new REVConnect plug, it is the easiest to install, most reliable HDBaseT cabling solution available!

HDBaseT Solutions

Ladder Rack Runways

Speed Up Deployment Time and Maximize Space

Ladder rack runways are effective, widely used cable management systems that support and deliver bundles of cable between cabinets, racks and closets, as well as along walls and suspended from ceilings. Belden's ladder rack runway systems speed up deployment time, maximize space, optimize cable bandwidth and provide maximum cabling density.

Ladder Rack Runway

FiberExpress (FX) Fusion

Splice-On Connectors

Splice-on connectors use fusion splicers to permanently join a fiber stub inside the connector with a fiber cable. The splice is protected within the boot of the connector, replacing the need for traditional pigtails because the splice is contained within the connector. The connector can be directly terminated using the patch panel's existing cable management features.

Technicians are embracing Belden FX Fusion for outside plant environments, data center installations and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) networks.

FX Fusion Splice-on Connectors

Small OD (28 AWG) Patch Cords

Belden offers Small OD Copper Patch Cords in Category 6 and Category 6A versions. Reducing congestion and improving airflow in cabinets, they are designed for data center applications. They also facilitate easier maintenance on high-density switches and allow better visual access to port labeling on patch panels. With the proliferation of IP devices in the networking infrastructure, the sharper bend radius of these patch cords allows connection in constrained areas.

Small OD Patch Cords


Upcoming Events

The Impact of Your Network’s Layer 0

Wednesday, June 28, 2:00- 2:15PM in the Solutions Theater


Underneath your IT infrastructure lays a foundation: layer 0. Discover how the cabling that is installed behind walls and closed doors, above the ceiling and in dark rooms – although hidden, and rarely the topic of conversation among technology professionals – is the most important layer of your information communication technology infrastructure. This session will explain how Belden, as a layer 0 provider, is taking a holistic approach to networks, buildings and data centers. Participants will learn how Belden solutions:

  • Support the convergence of end-user connectivity and building management connectivity onto one ubiquitous, efficient IT infrastructure;

  • Connect people and devices seamlessly so enterprise work environments become more productive, enjoyable, efficient and safe while adapting to the business and its occupants;

  • Use the best in copper, fiber and twin-ax cabling, connectivity and rack and cabinet systems technology to offer the most reliable and efficient IT infrastructure possible.

How will this session help the participants or their customers solve a problem or meet a need?

Learn how to manage Layer 0 with a basic set of recommendations to get the right cabling infrastructure in place.

"Hoppy" Hour

Wednesday, June 28, 5:30-6:30PM at the Belden Booth

A specialty beer bar will be in the Belden booth for customers to enjoy.