DCX System

Optical Distribution Frame

Highest per-square-foot fiber connection density, while maximizing signal integrity and usability



Cable management to support a potentially unlimited number of fiber connections



Side-by-side, back-to-back and left or right configurations


High Density

4,608 fibers per frame; up to 55% higher density without compromising ease-of-use



Migrate from Base-12 to Base-8/16/24 without changing housings


Optical Distribution Frame

DCXS11-22121-22 ODF Cabinet

ODF Cabinets

DCX Cabinets are fully configurable, frontaccess cabinets that serve as a high-density fiber interconnect or the main building block for a large fiber cross connect. They protect fiber connections with a lockable front door and side panels that can be unclipped from the inside. Assemble side by side and back to back for scalability.

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DCX-04FM-LR 370x330

ODF Housings

DCX Housing are available in left-to-right and right-to-left cable flow configurations for optimized management. The housing have a front-access design with 12 trays that pull out for easy access to cables connected to the back of adapter frames and cassettes. Modular cassettes can be mixed on the same tray (Base-8, Base-12, Base-16 or Base-24), enabling easy and cost-effective migration and preventing density loss.

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ODF Cassettes & Frames

DCX adapter frames and cassettes have a modular, compact design that allows for assembly of four (Base-12) or six (Base-8) cassettes per housing tray.

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