Sensor & Actuator, 4-Cond, Cu Section 0.34 mm², PUR

PUR Sensor & Actuator Cable, 4 x 42 x 0.10 mm, 5 Million Continuous Flex Cycles, Trailing, Sunlight and Oil Resistant
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Product Overview

Suitable Applications

As a flexible, flame retardant and halogen-free control line in the industrial Mechanical- and Plant engineering, for high requirements, particularly for the employment in cable carriers (Drag chains) and moved machine parts.

Physical Characteristics (Overall)
Stranding Material No. of Conductors
42x38 BC - Bare Copper 4

Table Notes

Extra fine-wired

Conductor Count


Material Nominal Diameter
PP - Polypropylene 1.3 mm
Color Chart
Number Color
Wire 1 Brown
Wire 2 White
Wire 3 Blue
Wire 4 Black
Outer Jacket
Material Nominal Diameter Diameter +/- Tolerance Labs Free Oil Resistant
PUR - Polyurethane 4.7 mm 0,15 mm Yes Good
Electrical Characteristics

Min Insulation Resistance

1000 MOhm*km

Voltage Rating [V] Voltage Test Dielectric
300 V 2.0 kV DC
Temperature Range

Operating Temperature Range

-50°C To +80°C

Operating Temp Range (Flexible Install)

-25°C To +80°C

Operating Temp Range (Drag Chain Op)

-25°C To +60°C

Mechanical Characteristics

Microbes and Hydrolyse Resistance


Min Bend Radius (W/o Pulling Strength)

47 mm

Min No. of Drag Chain Cycles

5 Mio.

Drag Chain Parameters

a = 5 m/s², horizontal 5 m, vertical 2 m,v = max. 200m/min.)


UL AWM Style Compliance

AWM 20549

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

Environmental Space


Flammability, LS0H, Toxicity Testing

CSA Flammability


IEC Flammability

IEC 60332-2-2

IEC 60754-1 - Halogen Amount



Update and Revision

Revision Number: 0.133 Revision Date: 04-08-2022

Part Numbers
Item # Color Put-Up Type Length EAN
70257PU.00C100 Black Coil 100 m 8719605012463
70257PU.00500 Black Reel 500 m 8719605012456