Type K Thermocouple, 1 Pr #20 Sol, FEP Ins Yel, Red, Brn FEP Jkt, CL3P 200C PLTC SUN RES

Type K Thermocouple, 1 Pair 20AWG (Solid) Chromel+Alumel, FEP Insulation Yel, Red Color Code, Brown FEP Outer Jacket, CL3P 200C PLTC SUN RES
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Product Overview

Suitable Applications

Industrial Control, Raceways Cable trays and ducts, Digital Control, Instruments (4-20ma, 0-10v, ...),low voltage digital control (24v, …), encoders, control circuits, distributed control

Construction Details
Element Number of Element Size Stranding Material
Pair(s) 1 20 Solid Chromel & Alumel
Material Nom. Thickness Nom. Insulation Diameter Color Code
FEP - Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene 0.01 in (0.25 mm) 0.052 in (1.3 mm) Yellow and Red
Outer Jacket
Material Nom. Thickness Nom. Diameter
FEP - Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene 0.012 in (0.30 mm) 0.128 in (3.25 mm)
Electrical Characteristics
Element Nom. Conductor DCR
Chromel 400 Ohm/1000ft
Alumel 161 Ohm/1000ft (528 Ohm/km)
UL Voltage Rating
300 V
Mechanical Characteristics
UL Temperature Operating
200°C -70°C To +200°C
Bend Radius
Stationary Min. Installation Min.
1.28 in (32.5 mm) 1.28 in (32.5 mm)

Max. Pull Tension

58 lbs (26 kg)

Bulk Cable Weight

12 lbs/1000ft

Standards and Compliance

Environmental Suitability

Indoor, Outdoor, Sunlight Resistance

Flammability / Reaction to Fire

NFPA 262, UL 910 (Plenum)

NEC / UL Compliance

Article 725, CL3P, PLTC

European Directive Compliance

EU CE Mark, EU Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS 2 amendment), EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2), EU Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE)

APAC Compliance

China RoHS II (GB/T 26572-2011)

Other Standard Compliance(s)

ISA MC 96.1-1982 Type K

Product Notes


Chromel & Alumel = ""Chromel and Alumel are Hoskins Manufacturing Company trademarks.""


Update and Revision

Revision Number: 0.447 Revision Date: 04-08-2022

Part Numbers
Item # Color Putup Type Length UPC
83905 001100 Brown Reel 100 ft 612825205852
83905 001500 Brown Reel 500 ft 612825205876
83905 0011000 Brown Reel 1.000 ft 612825205869