Belden and Emerson - Alliance

After Sales Support

Hirschmann Automation and Control, GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Belden, Inc. Hirschmann has its worldwide headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Neckartenzlingen, Germany, near the city of Stuttgart, and has its sales/support operations in nearly all developed regions of the world. In the Belden organization Hirschmann belongs to the Industrial IT Solutions business platform.

We offer full product and technical support via a combination of direct offices and our worldwide network of certified partners. Our direct offices located throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas are staffed with technical specialists who offer the entire scope of services ranging from network design to pre-installation assistance to troubleshooting. Our factory authorized distribution partners have similar expertise and expand our geographic footprint to virtually every industrialized country in the world.

Start up, on-site troubleshooting, field service and application support are all considered ‘Level 1 or 2’ support issues. The local and regional offices offer this support first, and consult 3rd Level Support in Germany as required. Level 1 is the entry point for answering support requests. A ticket can be created easily by our customers either directly through the Customer Portal of our Parature database or by phone or email. Application engineers and technical support specialists support partners and customers alike in all geographic regions. Regional support teams are located in Pennsylvania, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Scandinavia, Benelux, Central Europe, Middle East Singapore, Japan, and China. Additionally, all field personnel and distributors have meaningful support teams at the local level in their various geographies. To further assist our partners with global support, Hirschmann also generates technical manuals and documentation in four languages: German, French, Spanish and English. Installation guides are also available in other languages (ex. Italian and Chinese).

Training is a very large part of Hirschmann’s global success. Significant time and resources are regularly invested globally to ensure that all stakeholders – including employees, channel, key partners and customers - are adequately trained. All of the key geographic regions [EMEA, Americas, Asia/Pacific] customize and perform their region’s required training courses. When required, specialized personnel from larger Hirschmann offices – including Product Managers, Application Engineers and Technical Specialists – are shared between various geographies to ensure the most effective training experience for our customers. Such trainings can take place in a variety of methods, including in-person or webinars. Hirschmann offers a combination of standard and custom training courses. In the standard curriculum there are two types of trainings:

  • Technology training courses are manufacture independent and designed for System Engineers, Network Designers and Support Technicians covering topics like Industrial Ethernet, Routing and Wireless LAN. 
  • Product training courses are designed for System Engineers and Support Technicians covering the required knowledge in order to install and maintain HirschmannTM network devices. 
Modern training facilities are located in Neckartenzlingen, Germany, Paris, France and Pennsylvania, USA. Smaller groups can be trained in our facilities in Singapore, China and Japan. Naturally we can bring the courses to any Emerson location. We would also welcome the opportunity to collaborate on specific courses as part of our joint development. For hands on training, we recommend limiting the groups to a maximum of 10 people.

Finally, our mutual industrial customers are rapidly realizing the importance of network monitoring tools. With plant floor personnel being tasked with quickly troubleshooting network failures, the importance of easy-to-use monitoring tools continues to grow. Hirschmann offers software products which help users configure, monitor and troubleshoot network issues. Industrial HiVision is a Hirschmann-developed monitoring tool that would fit nicely in the Emerson portfolio of software/networking products while offering licensing opportunities for ongoing, annuity-like revenues.

To inquire about after sales support or technical services, please contact your local Belden Account Manager or contact the associates in your respective region.  This information can be found on the 'Support Contacts' page.