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Industrial HiVision Network Management Software

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Improve your productivity, security and network uptime with Industrial HiVision to configure and monitor industrial Ethernet networks.

As your industrial network becomes larger and more complex, the importance of efficient network mapping and supervision increases. Industrial HiVision safely and automatically identifies network devices and helps you configure and monitor them. The result, an all-around network protection and high-performance network management.


  • Instant Visibility of key performance indicators with the Network Dashboard, allowing timely remediation that improves uptime and security.
  • Saves Time – Configure hundreds of SNMP enabled devices from any manufacturer simultaneously with the MultiConfig feature during both commissioning devices and live operation.
  • Complete Network Infrastructure Map – Identify and map all network infrastructure and terminal equipment that supports SNMP including any device-specific properties.
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Download Your Free License

Fill in the form now and receive your free of charge license with no functional limitation. Even better, the promotional license is not tied to hardware or expiration date.

The promotion license offers the following functions

  • Valid for a maximum of 16 nodes (IP addresses).
  • Supports all functionality offered by the paid version, except sub-domains.
  • Never expires.
  • Not tied to hardware - can be used for multiple installations.
  • For personal and commercial use.
  • Only one promotion license can be used per Industrial HiVision installation.
  • Industrial HiVision v08.1.00 or more recent is required.

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