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Industrial Cybersecurity

You Can’t Afford Downtime

Industrial environments are harsh. Temperatures vary from extreme heat to extreme cold. Machines create intense noise and vibrations. Dust, water and chemicals add more complexity. And in today’s connected world, security is a growing issue.

In the face of all that, how do you build and maintain a reliable network infrastructure?

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Be Certain with Belden

Protect your mission-critical operations by choosing the network components that are field-tested and proven across numerous industrial applications.

Harsh Conditions


As temperatures move up and down the thermometer, can your network keep working?

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Noise and Vibration

Noise & Vibration

Are your network components hardy enough to resist interference from noise and vibration?

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Dust & Water

Is your network able to ensure uptime amid exposure to dust, water, shock, vibration and extreme temperatures?

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Industrial Cybersecurity


Valuable OT data is vulnerable, are your connected devices protected from cyber threats?

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How to Choose the Right Cable

Installing ruggedized cable is vital to prevent costly downtime and to ensure a safe, secure network. Watch this video to gain insight on how you can choose the right cable for your industrial application.


5 Industrial Ethernet Trends to Watch

Ethernet has become the communications protocol of choice for factory automation applications. How does this shift enable greater productivity? In this white paper, explore five key Ethernet trends in the industrial/OT environment, from sophisticated redundancy solutions to Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN).

You will also learn about the resulting challenges and risks — and how to manage them for optimum success.

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