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Extreme Dust and Water

Industrial applications like oil rigs, electrical substations and transport systems require reliability in extremely dirty, dusty and wet conditions. Choosing the right products for your application makes all the difference in their ability to perform under harsh conditions.

Every minute of unplanned downtime has a significant impact. Invest in products that are specifically engineered to perform in the extreme conditions where they are placed.

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Industrial Networking

When designing or expanding your network, IP-rated switches and connectors offer the highest level of flexibility and reliability amid exposure to dust, water, shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Deployed in the International Space Station, Hirschmann’s IP67-rated OCTOPUS switches are the right option for harsh industrial environments. The latest addition to the OCTOPUS family is the configurable solution of managed full Gigabit OCTOPUS PoE switches, offering internal Power over Ethernet capability and cabinet-less mounting.

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Industrial Ethernet Switch


Industrial Cable

In rugged industrial operations, superior signal protection is required.

Designed to address the challenges of interrupted communication, long distances and environmental conditions, RS-485 Direct Burial cable can be buried underground without a separate cable conduit. This cable can communicate across long distances, requires minimal protection and eliminates complexity during installation.

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Industrial Cable

Industrial Connectivity

Engineers and mechanics need flexibility in the field. Power your industrial automation solutions with versatile products that are built to tolerate harsh conditions.

The family of LioN-Power multiprotocol modules offers highly customizable features to deliver fieldbus-independent automation for the leading industrial Ethernet protocols like EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT, as well as support for IO-Link. Designed to operate in dusty, wet environments, the LioN-Power solution is IP65-, IP67- and IP69K-rated.

Secure, reliable and comprehensive, M12 Power Connectors open the world of conventional M12 to high power transmission, with support for up to 16 amps of current with an IP69K rating. Additionally, the M12 Hybrid Connector is also an IP69K-rated solution that contains support for both power and data over one cable. Use when dust and water are present to protect against the threat of downtime.

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Industrial Cybersecurity

Guard against accidental network events and unforeseen security threats by incorporating security features that are protected from the elements.

Add safe, cost-effective protection to your industrial automation network with devices like the EAGLE One security router. Protect your industrial network with this core-to-edge firewall solution that can withstand extreme OT conditions without supplemental air conditioning.

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