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Extreme Noise and Vibration

Industrial environments are harsh. Automated systems in food processing, machine tool engineering, automobile manufacturing and many other industries work at extremely high speeds and often create strong vibrations. 

Ordinary devices are ideal for office settings but are not built to hold up to the shock and interference present in an industrial environment.

Instead, choose from the best ruggedized portfolio available. Belden has designed and developed a number of leading technologies to mitigate noise and vibration that are now standard across our products.

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Industrial Connectivity - Phase 2
The 360° shield concept and mechanically robust construction of Lumberg Automation cordsets allow reliable and safe operation, even in harsh industrial environments.



Industrial Connectivity

Protect your automation system from noise and vibration with Lumberg Automation and Hirschmann connectivity products. Our cordsets are built with harsh environments in mind – all incorporate Belden’s shielding technology with 100% shield coverage for noise mitigation.

In addition, Belden’s bonded-pair technology is standardized on all Lumberg Automation Ethernet cordsets such as the M12, further mitigating the impact of noise not addressed by traditional shielding. These innovations set Lumberg Automation cordsets apart from competitors and will help prevent downtime in your rugged environments.

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Industrial Cable

Ethernet cable design mitigates the damaging conditions in Industrial environments, avoiding the majority of network failures that can occur in the physical layer. First, Belden’s trademarked Beldfoil shield provides 100% shield protection against capacitive coupling and interference.

In addition, Belden’s patented bonded-pair technology prevents gaps between the twisted pairs and maintains the physical integrity of the pair. This affords additional protection against noise and abrasion, and ultimately prevents signal loss.

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Would You-Phase 2-Industrial Cable
Mitigate noise with Belden’s differentiating innovations like bonded-pair technology and trademarked shielding technologies.
Devices such as Hirschmann’s next-generation managed BOBCAT switch are vibration-proof with their design, reinforcing the switch’s resistance to harsh conditions.



Industrial Networking

Networking devices are often placed in environments such as on a manufacturing line or transportation system that is subject to movement and vibration. This movement can jar connections and create a loss in signal transmission.

Hirschmann and GarrettCom devices can reduce these disruptions. All are tested and conform to several industrial mechanical stability standards such as IEC 60068-2-27 shock and the IEC 60068-2-6 vibration.

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Industrial Cyber Security

You have invested in hardened cable, connectors, and network switches for your noisy industrial environments – now ensure that the security features are also protected from the elements.

Security devices like the EAGLE One and EAGLE20/30 from Hirschmann, as well as Tofino Xenon from Tofino Security, are also tested and conform to industrial mechanical stability standards to ensure protection from shock and vibration.

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Would You-Phase 2-Industrial Cyber Security
Security devices from Hirschmann and Tofino Security are hardened to prevent disruption from external elements.