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Industrial Cybersecurity



The number of connected devices on the plant floor has drastically increased and with this technology comes an increase in security vulnerabilities. Cyber events shut down production, disrupt workflows and erase profits.

Every minute of unplanned downtime has a significant impact. Invest in products that are specifically engineered to perform in the extreme conditions where they are placed.

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Industrial Firewall/VPN System

When designing or expanding your network, IP-rated switches and connectors offer the highest level of flexibility and reliability amid exposure to dust, water, shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Use this versatile and ruggedized Layer 2 and Layer 3 stateful inspection firewall for comprehensive defense-in-depth network protection wherever maximum data security is needed. Ideally suited for mechanical engineering, plant engineering and industrial automation applications.

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Industrial Firewall and VPN

Industrial Security

Easily install the Tofino Xenon for production system security. Add this versatile, extremely ruggedized Layer 2 industrial security device into an existing control system without changes to the network to ensure maximum data protection against cyber threats. The robust design enables it to withstand the harshest environmental conditions for years of reliable service.

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Tofino Xenon


Industrial Firewall System

The EAGLE20/30 multiport industrial firewall, combined with Hirschmann Security Operating System (HiSecOS) software, offers advanced security functionality and data inspection within a single device. Capable of securing and protecting an entire industrial network, customers can customize options to meet their exact requirements

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Industrial Firewall


Industrial Cellular Router

Ensure reliability across long-distance connections over wired and cellular networks with this compact cellular router. The Magnum DX940e was created to withstand harsh industrial environments and is ideal for applications that require high-speed and secure data transfer remotely over long distances.

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Industrial Cellular Router