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Belden & The Internet of Things (IoT)

Linking all your devices to the Internet, so they can communicate with each other, gives you the insights to make smarter business decisions. We're the infrastructure behind the scenes providing the connectivity you need. Our products serve as the central nervous system for IoT solutions in the industrial, enterprise and broadcast markets. Let us help you leverage what the IoT can offer.

30+ Years Experience

We're pioneers. Before it was even called the IoT, we helped companies work smarter by connecting devices via the Internet to gain insights and efficiencies.

Secure Data Transmission

The IoT introduces new risks to your systems. Trust our IoT security offerings to protect you from more than 100,000 different threat conditions.

High Signal Integrity

The world's biggest sporting events trust their live signal transmission to us. Our name is synonymous with reliability - just ask our customers.

The Internet of Things Solutions by Industry

Security For IoT

Data Protection - Cyber Threats - Incident Detection

As devices and networks become more interconnected, the risks to your systems increase. From the factory floor to data centers, IoT security is a top concern as companies’ transition to IoT-enabling technologies. Our products ensure your signal transmissions are secure. Let us help you protect and detect the vulnerabilities introduced by the IoT.

With the IIoT, you can access, control and analyze more information than ever before to make your operations more efficient, productive and agile. Belden helps create the reliable, secure and scalable industrial network infrastructure that makes this level of connectivity possible.

The Industrial IoT

Smart Factory - Smart Grid - Smart Cities

The IoT in the Enterprise

Data Centers - Smart Buildings - Big Data

The IoT enables smarter offices, buildings and data centers. Our IoT solutions help you enhance your mobility and efficiency; improve your safety and security; and reduce your energy consumption.

The IoT helps broadcasters and cable providers keep up consumers' growing bandwidth needs and get ahead of trends, like 4K TV and entertainment on demand. Belden's IoT solutions create the infrastructure needed to ensure the quantity, quality and speed of your data and video transmissions.

The IoT in Broadcast

IP TV - Media IP Migration - Video Over IP

Internet of Things Resources


Communication Technologies for the Smart Factory of the Future

See how the IIoT is changing the automation landscape and what you need to support the IIoT in factories.

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The Enterprise of Things

Learn about the impact IoT devices have on enterprise and commercial buildings when it comes to new security risks.

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Communication for the
Industrial Internet of Things

Take an in-depth look at the IIoT, including its industry applications and the technologies you need for an IIoT system.

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The Path to IP: The Right Approach for Your IP Migration

Find out why and how broadcasters can transition to Internet Protocol technology to leverage IoT advantages.

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A Construction Kit for Secure Wireless Network Design

Learn the different security mechanisms available for wireless network design, including their effects and limitations

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ICS Security Guide to Hirschmann Switches

A step-by-step checklist for configuring Hirschmann switches for different applications and threats

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How to Select the Right Antenna for Industrial Wireless Applications

Learn the different types of antenna technologies and competitive advantages of using WLAN for in-house applications

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TV Technology Survey: Media Industry Transition to IP is Gaining Momentum

Learn how the transition to Internet Protocol technology is accelerating to support broadcast IoT trends, like IP TV.

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Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) 3.1

Learn about the steps to deliver DOCSIS services with minimal investment and network changes.

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10 Steps To Holistic
Data Center Design

Designing a data center can be a daunting and complicated process. Learn what it takes to push past inefficient data centers.

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Why You Can't Ignore
Category 6A Anymore

Emerging applications are demanding it, standards are recommending it, and many barriers are no longer relevant.

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Advances in
Multi-Fiber Connectivity

Enable Data Center flexibility, scalability and security while supporting higher speeds and new designs.

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