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For many years, the Professional Broadcast and Production industry has resoundingly preferred Belden products for their brilliant performance and total reliability. In fact, perhaps no other market segment values a product's performance as highly since a lack of reliability can have immediate and far-reaching implications.

And as radio and television broadcasters migrated to digital transmission technology, Belden has been the brand they've counted on the most.

In broadcast, top performance and reliability means a high quality product, absolute signal integrity and no system downtime. Belden provides performance for both critical field applications (where cable is dragged, crunched and tread upon) and permanent studio installations (where the long run is all important). These products are also an important link in major network and cable TV broadcasts, film studios and corporate broadcasting. This is why the broadcast industry strongly prefers Belden audio/visual solutions over any other cable brand.

From special network events such as the Olympics, to everyday audio and video applications, Belden is the local, regional and national choice.

Find out how others in the Professional Broadcast & Production market have benefited from using Belden solutions.

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