Mohawk Accredited Contractor (US only)

mohawk accredited contractor.jpgMohawk is dedicated to Open Architecture which allows flexible and warranted options for your complete campus wide network system installation. Mohawk’s ChannelMATE warranty combines quality cable with our connectivity partners and a network of Mohawk Accredited Contractors (MACs)s.

Warranty Details

Mohawk’s ChannelMATE warranty offers the confidence that your link and channel installation will continue to operate for years to come. Along with expert installation performed by Mohawk’s MAC contractor base, you also have the assurance of end-to-end protection backed by Mohawk’s ChannelMATE 25-year warranty. This extensive warranty offers guaranteed standards-based performance for Mohawk cable and your choice of connectivity from approved connectivity partners.

ChannelMATE 25-year warranty coverage ensures your cable installation and connectivity components are free from defects and meet or exceed the applicable mandatory permanent link or channel electrical or optical performance requirements of ANSI/TIA-568-C.

Training & Development

MAC Partners have access to the MAC portal which provides one-click access to the full catalog of training. Partners can complete their certification training online or in the classroom.