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TrayOptic Cable

TrayOptic Cable is a heavy-duty, all-dielectric solution that is laser optimized to handle Gigabit Ethernet light sources and expanded bandwidth requirements. Offered in PVC and CPE jackets, this cable passes IEEE 383-2003 flame tests. A water-blocking agent provides moisture protection while a CPE outer jacket option provides extra chemical or abrasion resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily Identifiable: Orange jacket can quickly be located in trays alongside other cable types
  • Harsh Environment Endurance: Offers greater crush, impact and abrasion resistance along with high flame ratings (IEEE 1202/383, FT4)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Installation: Fire-rated cable can be installed anywhere
  • Installation Cost Savings: Saves time and eliminates the need to install in inner ducts

Harsh ENVIRONMENT--Multi-loose tube cables 
Type Armor Type Rating Tech Data
Tray Rated -- TrayOpticsNon-armoredCMRProduct Detail
Tray Rated -- TrayOpticsSteel CorrugatedCMRProduct Detail