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REVConnect® 10GXS System

Belden's highest performing system combined with the best mechanical and electrical characteristics available in a Category 6A cable to support mission-critical applications.

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Mission Critical


Campus switching uplinks
Network backbones

Data center


End of Row
Middle of Row

harsh environment


Difficult installations
Manufacturing environments
Noisy environments

PoE lighting icon

100W POE

Power-hungry devices
Smart-building sensors

Key System Benefits: 10GXS Channel Reach

15W PoE (Type 1) 185m (607 ft) 150m (492 ft) 110m (361 ft) 106m (348 ft) 100m (328 ft)
30W PoE (Type 2) 150m (492 ft) 150m (492 ft) 110m (361 ft) 106m (348 ft) 100m (328 ft)
60W PoE (Type 3) 150m (492 ft) 150m (492 ft) 110m (361 ft) 106m (348 ft) 100m (328 ft)
100W PoE (Type 4) 120m (394 ft) 120m (394 ft) 110m (361 ft) 106m (348 ft) 100m (328 ft)


Benefits of Extended Reach

  • Reduced material costs
    • Less connection points
    • No extenders or converters required
  • Reduced building costs
    • Fewer electrical drops per sq ft
    • More efficient use of real estate within telecom rooms
  • Reduced labor costs
    • Simplified low-voltage installation

Extended LAN Applications

  • Security cameras
  • Access control
  • Building sensors
  • PoE lighting

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