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The REVConnect system is designed to make deployment easier and put hours back in your day. Increasing the speed of your installation will allow you to complete more jobs and increase your overall revenue.

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Faster Onboarding Icon

Faster Onboarding

The simple termination processes allows new technicians to quickly get up to full speed.

Faster Onboarding Icon

Easier Terminations

Less time spent on each termination. Bonded-Pairs terminate as quickly as nonbonded. Learn more.

Fewer Failures Icon

Fewer Failures

Gas-tight connections and the ability to terminate all 8 conductors at once leads to fewer install failures.

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Switch from a jack to a plug or vice versa without having to reterminate the cable.

What People are Saying about RevConnect

At the InfoComm 2016 Conference, 97% of attendees surveyed said that REVConnect has a faster and better termination process when compared to other products.

"I already install Bonded-Pairs only. This will cut down considerably on the installation time."

-Michael Karlow: Network Construction Manager, Washington University in St. Louis

"Really neat solution for a much more rapid deployment of connectorized solutions!"

-Jesse Fishman: Senior Audiovisual Systems Designer, The Sextant Group

"The versatility is great."

-Chris Clem: Estimator/Project Manager, 3C Business Solutions, Inc.

"Very cool! Saves time and mistakes. I like the interchangeable heads."

-Michael Stammire: Co-Founder and President, Digital Networks Group, Inc.

"What a great time saver and quality saver. Great product."

-Adam Godbout: Associate Technical Director, Huntington Theatre Company

"First termination requires patience, but after that it's a 'no-brainer'."

-John Bakowski: President, ITS Design & Audit

Install and Complete Projects Faster

One Termination Style

One Termination Style

Supports all RJ45 (CAT 5e through CAT 6A) shielded and unshielded connections

Unparralelled Versatility

Unparalleled Versatility

Jacks and plugs terminate the exact same way and interchange in seconds

New! Patch Panels Now Available

New! Patch Panels Now Available

CAT 6A, 6, and 5E - only preloaded patch panels that can be terminated in one hand using a multi-pair tool.

No Pair Separation Required Icon

No Pair Separation Required

Bonded-Pair terminates as quickly as nonbonded

The Universal Tool Icon

The Universal Tool

The only tool you need for all terminations, including cable preparation!

Rev Up Your Terminations Icon

Rev Up Your Terminations

Up to 60% time savings over traditional connectivity

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NEW! REVConnect Patch Panels are now available.

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