• Belden-REVConnect

Industrial REVConnect

Field termination of Ethernet cables is time-consuming. Belden’s Industrial REVConnect RJ45 connectors deliver a faster, simpler, universal cable termination solution, complete with a unique insulation piercing mechanism. Built specifically to

Features & Benefits

  • Network Reliability: Insulation piercing mechanism enables long-term reliability in the field
  • Ruggedized: Designed to withstand exposure to harsh elements including noise, vibration and extreme operating temperatures
  • Time-Saving: This simplified termination process can be completed quickly by technicians with any level of experience
  • Versatile: Compatible with any IoT device using an RJ45 plug and can be switched from a jack to a plug or vice-versa without having to re-terminate

Product Color Description Part Number
Plug, Cat5e, 6, 6a UTP RJ45 BlackIndustrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Unshielded CAT6A Plug with Universal Core(s)RVAIP2UBK-XXX
Plug, Cat5e, 6, 6a STP RJ45 MetalIndustrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Shielded CAT6A Plug with Universal Core(s)RVAIP2SME-XXX
Jack, Cat5e STP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Shielded CAT5E Jack with Universal Core(s)RV5IJ2SME-XXX
Jack, Cat6 STP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Shielded CAT6 Jack with Universal Core(s)RV6IJ2SME-XXX
Jack, Cat6a STP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Shielded CAT6A Jack with Universal Core(s)RVAIJ2SME-XXX
Jack, Cat5e UTP RJ45 5 ColorsIndustrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Unshielded CAT5E Jack with Universal Core(s)RV5IJ2UXX-XXX
Jack, Cat6 UTP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Unshielded CAT6 Jack with Universal Core(s)RV6IJ2UXX-XXX
Jack, Cat6a UTP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Unshielded CAT6A Jack with Universal Core(s)RVAIJ2UXX-XXX
Core WhiteUniversal Industrial REVConnect Core that Can Plug into Jack or PlugRVUIO0UEW-XXX
Coupler, Cat5e, 6, 6a UTP White/BlackIndustrial REVConnect CAT6A Coupler that Connects 2 CoresRVAIU2UXX-XXX
Cordset, Custom CustomCustom Cable, Color, Length Terminated with Industrial REVConnect CoreVRXXXX-XXX-XXX
Tool, Termination N/AInclude Cable Stripping Tool and Crimping Tool for Industrial REVConnect CoreE400004
Tool, Outlet ReleaseTool to Release Core from Industrial REVConnect Jack or PlugE400005