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Industrial Cable

For over 110 years, Belden has propelled signal transmission technology forward as the world's leading manufacturer of rugged cable solutions.

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How to Choose the Right Cable

Learn how to choose the right cable for your industrial environment. Installing ruggedized cable is vital to prevent costly downtime and to ensure a safe and secure network.



Where Do You Need Industrial Cable?

Wherever you have a harsh environment that needs infrastructure, you’ll find value in choosing the right cable for the job. Click on your vertical market below to see where Belden’s expertise and quality have been proven to work.

Food & Beverage

Beyond the demands of other industrial manufacturing sites, the making of anything edible or potable brings additional hygienic requirements. Washdown areas and temperature variations can challenge the integrity of parts not ruggedized to withstand harsh conditions.

Machine Building

Trends in machine building include miniaturization, direct machine-to-machine communication and real-time data transfer. Network infrastructure is affected by all of it.


Demand for greater production efficiency continues to drive increased automation, including more and more robotics along the assembly line.

Material Handling

The value of any manufacturing conveyor system lies in its ability to keep moving. Only the right network infrastructure can bring the reliability and safety you need.


Speed. Motion. Consistency. The reasons you incorporate robots can also be your biggest challenges when inferior network components fail under industrial operation conditions.

Discrete Automation

Discrete Automation


Today’s water processing plants demand reliability, flexibility and scalability as they seek to eliminate any disruption of service in the face of security threats and escalating population growth.

Oil & Gas

Whether upstream, downstream or midstream, oil-and-gas facilities are unforgiving, exposing infrastructure to temperature variation, UV rays, oils, solvents, moisture and harsh chemicals.

Chemical Processing

Delivering chemicals to the marketplace requires such safeguards as protective exteriors and proven durability to protect workers and the integrity of the final output.


Mining sites challenge network infrastructure with the rumble of heavy equipment, extreme vibration, underground moisture and temperature variations.

Process Automation

Process Automation

Electrical Substations

NERC CIP requirements are some of the toughest in the industrial market and compliance is mandatory. This creates the need for an infrastructure that collects and transmits signals with the highest level of security, safety and reliability.

Smart Grid

Data communication networks for today’s power generation sites face the challenges of extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations and electromagnetic interference along with the demand for greater security, more transmission bandwidth and increased use of wireless technology.


As the use of more sustainable energy sources grows, you have to find solutions that overcome such conditions as turbine cabling complexity, extreme temperatures, vigorous vibrations and electromagnetic interference.


Managing a large solar farm requires a hardened communications network that can handle underground burial, extreme temperatures, UV exposure, high bandwidth and unmatched reliability.



Urban Rail Systems

Commuters demand more and more from their onboard experience – dependable Wi-Fi, increased security measures on the loading platforms and on the trains, more reliable ETAs, easier electronic ticketing options and more. All of which require better infrastructure.

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Passenger Information Systems

Ethernet Networks

Passenger Wi-Fi


From ship-to-shore, communication networks need to maximize efficiency of transporting, tracking and storing cargo. With impediments like moisture, temperature variation and heavy equipment, your infrastructure needs to be tough and reliable.

Traffic Control

Security lighting, traffic-light timing, construction detours, toll-booth efficiency and a growing number of surveillance cameras – if you want to keep vehicles moving, your traffic management system has to be smarter and more versatile than ever before.

Drive-Thru Windows

It’s not just about getting your burger with no pickle and extra mustard. It’s about increasing customer satisfaction, safety and bottom-line efficiency through your busiest service times.



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