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Industrial Ethernet Cables

Keep your connections strong with Belden's complete range of high quality, high reliability DataTuff Industrial Ethernet and fiber cables, connectors, tools and accessories. Designed especially for industrial applications, these cables assure performance in even the harshest environments.

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Belden Ethernet Cable Technology: Bonded-Pair

Most DataTuff cables feature Belden’s Bonded-Pair technology, a patented cable construction which affixes the conductor insulation of the cable pairs along their longitudinal axes to ensure that no performance-robbing gaps can develop between the conductor pairs.

  • No gaps between the conductor pairs means that the conductor-to-conductor spacing, or centricity, is always uniform

  • With a uniform centricity, the cable offers excellent and consistently reliable electrical performance

  • Installable Performance® is achieved - the affixing of the insulation of the cable pairs and the uniform centricity translate to superior electrical performance, even after the cable has been subjected to the bending, pulling and twists inherent in the installation process

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The Proof is in the Testing

Belden has conducted extensive testing comparing both the physical and electrical performance of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) cables versus Belden industrial cables. The results clearly indicate how quickly commercial-grade cable fails when faced with the wide variety of extreme conditions found in industrial environments.

In every test, conducted with state-of-the-art equipment and validated cable samples, industrial cable significantly outlasted and outperformed COTS cable. With Belden industrial cable, your signal quality is protected.

Testing included:

  • Cold Bend
  • Cut-Through
  • Water Immersion
  • Crushing
  • UV Exposure
  • Abrasion
  • Oil Resistance
  • Cold Impact
  • High Temperature

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DataTuff™ Differentiators

Industrial networks are the backbone of critical operations the world relies on every day, from manufacturing lines to utility plants. In environments that are not typically climate-controlled, varying temperatures create stress on network components.

Ordinary cables that might perform just fine in an office setting won’t hold up when exposed to harsh environmental factors. Trust Belden for industrial-grade Ethernet cables with a proven track record for reliability in rugged settings.

Product Line Breadth

  • Most cables utilize Bonded-Pair technology
  • Unshielded or shielded cables
  • Solid or stranded conductors
  • Plenum or non-plenum
  • Polyolefin or FEP insulation
  • PVC, Polyethylene, FEP, and TPE jackets
  • Heavy, Upjacketed, Aluminum Armor, Steel Interlocked Armor and other specialty options are available
  • Halogen-free and Low Smoke Zero Halogen constructions
  • Versions suitable for burial or outdoor use, gasoline resistance, high and low temperatures

Field-Proven Performance in Harsh Environments

  • Oil, sunlight and gasoline
  • Temperature variations
  • Abrasion and crushing
  • Flexing
  • Presence of EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference)
  • Weldspatter resistance


Industrial Ethernet Cable

How to Choose the Right Cable

Learn how to choose the right cable for your industrial environment. Installing rugged Ethernet cable is vital to prevent costly downtime and to ensure a safe and secure network.

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