fSENS MA - Load Pin

fSENS MA load pins are designed to measure static and dynamic shear forces in different applications.  They are highly accurate and feature extremely high overload capacity and fatigue strength.  With its built-in measuring signal amplifier, the fSENS MA load pins are a cost effective solution that can be easily installed on a variety of applications.

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fSENS KMD - Force Transducer

fSENS KMD force transducers are designed to measure static and dynamic tensile forces in different applications.  They can be used on cranes and winches as a transducer for load moment indicators and rated capacity indicators.  fSENS KMD force transducers can also provide weight control in conjunction with a display unit.

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fSENS ZKA - Compression / Tension Load Cell

fSENS ZKA compression/tension load cells are used to measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces in various applications. This stainless steel sensor generates an output signal in proportion with the load and permits application in routine industrial operations.

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fSENS DKA - Compression Force Transducer

fSENS DKA compression force transducers are the ideal choice when, for structural reasons, sensors with minimal height can only be used.The fSENS DKA compression force transducers can be supplied with either an external or integrated amplifier and are available with a cordless interface.

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fSENS SKM - Rope Tensiometer

fSENS SKM rope tensiometers (line riders) are designed for direct force measurements in the running hoist rope of a crane.  A typical application includes force measurement on lifting equipment i.e. for load indicators on cranes, especially lattice boom cranes.  The main advantage of rope force transducers is the direct measurement of the load without geometrical calculation. This allows simple retrofitting of a crane without any structural modifications.

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