Mohawk Accredited Contractor (MAC) Program

Mohawk's Open Architecture model is based on TIA 568-C.2 standard that states "This standard specifies a generic telecommunications cabling system...that will support a multi-product, multi-vendor environment." This included installation choices from our nationwide network of qualified MAC contractors. By becoming a BICSI accredited MAC for Mohawk product installations, you enjoy numerous benefits including the ability to offer Mohawk's ChannelMATE™ extended 25 year warranty. This "Campus Wide" warranty protection covers Mohawk's complete line of cable products, which is the foundation of data transmission AND an end user's choice of connectivity with our extensive list of partners. MAC's also benefit from numerous incentives including rebates based on qualified purchases, technical support for Mohawk products, installation troubleshooting and industry standard and applications updates.

Becoming a Mohawk Accredited Contractor


There are two options available to become a Mohawk Accredited Contractor (MAC). First, you may elect to be trained by one of Mohawk’s on-staff RCDD instructors. This would enable you to be eligible to receive 7 BICSI credits. To attend a MAC class, please fill out the application form online by logging in below. Once your application is complete the MAC Program Administrator will contact you to set a date and time for the training. At this time we will discuss the current fees and payment options.


The second option of becoming a MAC is to be grandfathered into the program by having successfully completed an approved training program offered by one of our connectivity partners. To apply this way, please fill out an application form online and the MAC program administrator will contact you for copies of your current certificates from our connectivity partner. Please note: we will need one certificate with the company name, and one certificate for each individual that wishes to be certified with their individual name on it. There is no fee to be grandfathered into the program.


MAC Warranty Information


Mohawk is dedicated to Open Architecture, which allows flexible and warranted options for your network system. All Mohawk products have been independently third-party verified for performance to the applicable category grade, and we will warranty these products with any connectivity that is also independently third-party verified.


One of the benefits of being a Mohawk Accredited Contractor (MAC) is the ability to offer a 25-year extended warranty. Our ChannelMate™ warranty is offered exclusively through our network of MAC contractors. For the warranty to be in effect, Mohawk requires the connectivity components to be independently third-party verified to the specified TIA/EIA 568-B category performance grade. The system must be designed and installed to meet the specified performance grade and performance requirements of TIA/EIA 568-B. Supporting field test documentation is required for each warranty link. To view our 25 Year MAC Warranty, please click here.


To apply for a 25 Year Warranty, MAC certification must be current and a warranty application needs to be filled out online. The MAC program admninistrator will contact you once the application is filled out for the supporting documents.



MAC Rebate Program


Mohawk Accredited Contractors (MACs) receive a rebate based on the dollar value of Mohawk and Belden products purchased within the calendar year. All paperwork for rebates must be turned into the program administrator at Mohawk by January 31 of the following year for which they are requesting the rebate. If you have any questions on the loyalty program or any of the other benefits of being a MAC please contact your local sales representative.