4K UHD Coax Cables for 12G-SDIBelden 4794R

Belden 4K UHD Coax Cables for 12G-SDI maximize 4K signal transmission distance over a single coax, minimizing weight and space utilization compared to multi-link solutions.

New Expanded Line!

Riser: Mini RG-59, RG-59, RG-6, Series 7, RG-11
Plenum: RG-6
12 GHz rated connectors, 1-Piece and 3 Piece Designs

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Superior PerformanceSuperior Performance

Engineered specifically to optimize transmission distance, Belden 4K UHD Coax Cables for 12G-SDI exceed the SMPTE Return Loss (RL) specifications for UHDTV providing significant headroom and guaranteeing -15 dB RL from 4.5 to 12GHz.

Lightweight and Space Efficient

Reduce Weight, Space & Cost

Belden 4K UHD Coax Cables for 12G-SDI are capable of supporting 12GHz bandwidth and enables a single-link configuration to transmit 4K. Dual-link and quad-link configurations can be bulky, increase cost and require time-consuming measuring for precise cable lengths across all links. Using Belden's single-link solution saves time and is significantly lighter than dual or quad-link configurations.

Easier Installation

Easier Installation

On Belden 4K UHD Coax Cables for 12G-SDI, the inner foil is bonded to the core to eliminate bunching when installing 1-piece compression connectors. The outer foil is bonded to the jacket for a quicker, one-step stripping process.


Belden 4794R: Maximizing 12G-SDI Signal Transmission Distance on a Single Coax

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Recommended Transmission Distance Chart

Updated for UHDTV!

Our updated distance chart details the safe distances recommended for avoiding the digital cliff on existing coax or new Belden 4794R.

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Recommended Transmission Distance Chart


Belden 1694A, 1855A, 1505A, 7731A, and 1794A cables with flexible, bundled snake and plenum versions are now optimized and guaranteed for up to 6GHz performance!

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