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Wall-Mount Panel

Clean, simple and lightweight Wall-Mount Panels that pair with the FiberExpress (FX) UHD and ECX ecosystems. This modular platform can be stacked vertically to create an interconnect while the patching spaces can be combined in a horizontal configuration for a cross connect. The main service area is lockable and separated from the patching space compartment, making it ideal for MDUs and passive optical LANs. Product includes large grommets for incoming cable.

Features & Benefits

  • Installation Flexibility: Preserve rack and floor space with the ECX-01WH by mounting to the wall or a DIN Rail
  • Ease of Use: Integrated slack and patch cord management
  • Prevent Unauthorized Access: Lockable main compartment controls tampering
  • Multiple Termination Options: Supports splice cassettes, splice trays and splice-on

Part NumberDescription Max Capacity
AX106817FX UHD Wall Mount Patch Panel, Black4 Cassettes; 4 Frames; 48 Fibers (SC, SCD, ST, LCD); 4 FXU Fusion Trays; 8-inch (AX103912)
AX106818 FX UHD Wall Mount Patch Panel, Gray
ECX-01WH FX ECX Single Cassette HolderAccommodate up to 24 fibers with LC Duplex or 144 fibers with MPO Base-12
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