Security Vulnerability



The Belden Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) provides advisories on vulnerabilities that are not fixed yet, information regarding possible workarounds and bulletins on vulnerabilities for which security updates are available.


  • We investigate and address any reported security concerns or vulnerabilities, regardless of the source.
  • We work cooperatively with government and other agencies to coordinate public notification of issues (when needed) with appropriate remediation guidance.
  • We provide direction on how to remediate situations, even if not ideal, and communicate plans to provide additional remediation options for the future.
  • When warranted, we proactively notify users prior to public notification, and provide assistance on a case-by-case basis if needed.
  • We audit and update our existing products and design our new products to meet or exceed relevant security threats. As new threats are discovered, we prioritize and address them.
  • We believe these are industry best practices and encourage others to do the same.



If you encounter a security vulnerability, we encourage you, as soon as possible, to contact us using the contact information below. When reporting, we ask that the following information be provided:

  • Vulnerability description
  • Proof-of-concept – code affected or network traces
  • Affected products, including model number and firmware version
  • Any publically disclosed information about the vulnerability or threat

Belden ensures that the information is sent to a limited group of designated Belden employees (PSIRT) who are experienced in handling such matters. Neither unauthorized Belden employees nor outside users have access to the provided information you send.

Belden ensures also that the reporter identity and contact information are handled confidential and will not be disclosed in any public statements (advisories and bulletins) unless explicitly requested by the reporter.

The PSIRT will investigate the reported vulnerability and contact you as soon as possible.

Contact Information