Small Diameter CAT 6A Cable

The Future of 6A

Maximize your installable performance with Bonded-Pair 10GXS Small Diameter CAT 6A Cable from Belden...

For more than 20 years, customers have relied on our patented bonded-pair technology to ensure physical integrity throughout the installation and use. Belden’s 10GXS Cables provide a simple design without compromising performance and quality, ensuring robust performance and reliable networks.

Simplicity & Elegance in Design

10GXS Cables Are Faster And Easier To Install



 Small Diameter  Rounder Jacket Smaller Bend Radius 

Small Diameter

Rounder Jacket 

Smaller Bend Radius 

 Small OD saves up to 25% on space & weight. EquiSpline ensures structural integrity & maintains distance between pairs  Accommodates tighter spaces & workstations 



Fewer Twists  Easy Tape Removal 

Fewer Twists

Easy Tape Removal

 Easier to separate pairs for faster installation Easy-to-remove barrier tape for faster termination 



Performance without Compromise

10GXS Cables Exceed Industry Standards



 Reduces Heat Transfer  Less Noise Highest Power Rating 

Reduces Heat Transfer

Less Noise

Highest Power Rating

EquiBlock™ Barrier Technology achieves uniform heat flow dissipation while maintaining
insertion loss performance
Other Category 6A solutions have an average pf 200% more noise coupling than 10GXS Cables Energy efficient with less risk of system slow down through 100W

White Paper

Why You Can't Ignore Category 6A Anymore

Times are changing, and you simply can't ignore Category 6A anymore. Emerging applications are demanding it, standards are recommending it, and many barriers are no longer relevant.