Members of the Human Resources team from across the globe came together for HR Managers Conference. The team spent two and a half days discussing the current state of HR at Belden, reviewing the function's three-year goals and how to achieve them and learning valuable tools to use to be effective business partners.

As with our other conferences at Belden, the group wanted to give back by participating in a team building activity to benefit a local charity. It comes as no surprise that everyone plays to win...even when it comes to building teddy bears! The group was split into teams of six and were given challenges in order to get the materials to complete their bears. The competitions ranged from naming famous bears, blindfolded puzzles and the Tower of Hanoi mathematical exercise that flexed everyone's brain power.

women and child share teddy bear

One-by-one, the bears were stuffed, dressed, given names and packaged for the One Heart for Women and Children charity in Orlando. One Heart for Women and Children's mission is to provide resources for families in transition as they overcome varying hardships. They offer education and prevention services to families on life skills, parenting, drug and alcohol prevention as well as donations of food, clothing, personal hygiene items and others.

cart of teddy bears