In Germany, there are a couple of ways young people can prepare for their professional careers. They can study at a university or they can choose to apprentice with the company for which they plan to work.

Apprenticeships in Germany are usually two-track programs composed of theoretical learning in the classroom and practical experience working for the sponsoring company. For more than 60 years, the Hirschmann facility in Neckartenzlingen has offered young people immersive apprenticeship opportunities that open the door to future employment. Currently the Neckartenzlingen program offers apprenticeships for the following fields:

  • mechatronics technician
  • electronics technician for devices and systems
  • process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology
  • tool mechanic
  • IT system electronics technician

Our apprentices attend classes and workshops in their chosen fields, which are supervised by a specially trained instructors. They also study with other departments to gain a wider knowledge of the industry and the Company. Depending on the track, it can take up to 3.5 years to graduate. After graduating from the Neckartenzlingen program, these young professionals have a solid foundation to establish successful careers within Belden.

Young apprentices learning to use Belden products

“In Germany, the apprenticeship program is an indispensable component for companies to attract qualified skilled workers for the future,” said Bernhard Wolf, technical trainer and supervisor, HR, who currently heads the program. “It’s a win-win for Belden and for these 21 young people from our community. The program was introduced to attract and retain well-trained and flexible employees. At the same time, an apprenticeship gives our young people an opportunity for a solid future. Anyone who graduates as an apprentice in Germany has a very good chance on the labor market, and we think that our Belden graduates will have especially bright futures. And we’re happy to say that many of our apprentices stay with the Hirschmann and Belden family for years. Some for decades!”

For more on the Apprenticeship Program, check out their student-made video!