You can stand under Belden’s new umbrella. Belden India recently debuted handcrafted company umbrellas that support a meaningful cause (other than shielding you from the rain.) These Karthumbi umbrellas come from an organization called Thampu, an NGO that strives to provide social and financial opportunities for the tribes of Kerala.


The Karthumbi Project is an initiative based on dignity and choice rather than dependence and charity. Their mission is to tackle poverty in a bold way by providing income opportunities to tribal women from Attappadi, a valley at the foothills of the Western Ghats. Since the implementation of the project, thirty families in the village now have a sustainable income.

Each umbrella showcases the “hard work, love and perseverance” of the women from the Aboriginal tribes. Trained members can typically make eight to 10 umbrellas in a day, earning roughly INR 50 to INR 70 per product. Their goal is to capture a 10 percent market share of the umbrella market by the end of 2020 – and Belden India is helping them achieve this goal.

“Thampu’s vision of providing a sustainable livelihood is very inspiring for us,” said Himmi Ray, HR Director. “We believe that supporting such cause is a powerful way to give back to the community whether in the near or long term.”

The umbrella project was branded ‘Karthumbi’ after a recreational children’s club in Attapadi with the same name. It was given this name with the sole initiative of bringing a smile to the faces of the children in the village.

According to HR Manager Ranjeet Patil, the team was delighted on receiving the beautiful umbrellas and have appreciated the cause behind the initiative.