Recently, Tripwire held a chili cook-off fundraiser to benefit the Oregon Food Bank. Eight different chili chefs competed with recipes ranging from classic to pepperoni pizza. Others at the Portland office tasted the wide varieties of delicious chili and donated $5 for each vote. The winning chili chef was Sami Preston, manager, software licensing, followed by second place tie by Anthony Shove, senior systems administrator and Chris Fowkes, account manager.

Chili Cook-off organizer and Systems Administrator Rita Nygren said,“No one goes hungry in the Tripwire Portland Office. Lots of our neighbors may have a tighter budget and use the Oregon Food Bank to get through a lean time. The additional load on the system will have an effect through the next year and additional funds from donations will help fund the freezers and trucks that deliver food where it’s needed.”

serving chili at the cook off

Altogether the Tripwire Portland office raised $322 and was doubled through the Belden Cares Matching Gift program.

Throughout Oregon and Clark County, Washington, 260,000 people experience hunger and visit a pantry every month. According to their website, Oregon Food Bank expects to distribute 15 million pounds of produce in 2019 with the mission of “eliminating hunger and its root causes.

selling tickets to the chili cook off

Give to the Oregon Food Bank.

Alternatively, you can give back in your community by finding a local food bank near you and volunteering through Feeding America.