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Kekén Balanced Food Plant

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Kekén’s new plant needed a solution supplier who could continue to develop its business, in order to project it and reach new levels, due to its high technology, innovation and functionality.


Kekén, a subsidiary of Grupo Kuo that focuses on pork production and exporting, is the leading exporter in Mexico. The company provides pork products to the United States, Canada, South Korea and Japan.

Kekén has won the National Export Award twice for its success in international business. With three food plants, three meat processing plants, 140 farms and 480 stores, the company is constantly growing.

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The food the company uses to feed livestock is self processed, with only the highest-quality materials added. This special attention to ingredients ensures adherence to nutritional requirements for animals, which leads to healthy, quality products for consumers, says Héctor Vázquez, IT manager at Kekén. 

To increase Kekén’s presence in Europe and Asia, the company opened a new processing plant in Q2 2018.

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Due to the high growth and meat production levels that Kekén wants to achieve in the coming years, the company needs high-performance solutions that will support its critical applications. Because the company’s newest plant is fully automated to reduce staffing levels and free up employees to focus on other tasks, 24/7 operations and business continuity are critical issues.

The processing plant needed a high-performance communications network that resists dust, heat and extreme conditions to ensure reliability and the opportunity for real-time response to potential problems.

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Because communication requirements for each Kekén plant are different, Belden analyzed each plant’s needs individually to determine the best solution.

After spending time getting to know the new plant and the applications happening inside, Belden recommended Category 6A cabling and connectivity to ensure quality, robust performance and a reliable network that would keep operations running 24/7.

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To support the plant’s automated systems and processes, as well as the communication stream that needed to be established and maintained with other Kekén plants, a 10G network was required.

Belden’s Category 6A solution supports this level of bandwidth and data capacity.

“All of our systems are critical, like the distributed control system, security controls and circuits with 4K resolution. The Category 6A cabling solution allows us to display all of this data in real time so that the our business is covered and we can react to current needs while planning for future growth,” says Vázquez.

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Belden’s Category 6A solutions met Kekén’s expectations and helped the company optimize its resources. Vazquez and his team have been so impressed with the performance of the system that it plans to use these same Belden solutions in another processing plant as the company continues on its path to growth. Belden has become the company’s standard for cabling standard, says Vázquez.

Keken Case Study Results

“The plant started operations three months ago and we have not suffered any type of contingency due to network issues. It has operated at 100% since the first day, even though the plant is operating at the volume I expected six months from now vs. today.”