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Logical Systems Case Study

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Completing nearly 400 fiber field terminations in less than two weeks with only three installers would only be possible with Belden FiberExpress Brilliance Universal Connectors


Logical Systems, Inc. is an IT consulting, design and support company serving northern Georgia, northern Alabama and southeastern Tennessee. Providing data, voice, and audio/video solutions to commercial, medical, education, and government markets, Logical Systems is a preferred networking contractor – known for its ability to keep networks organized through color coding, cable dressing and labeling – and notorious for high-quality work and components.

One of Logical Systems’ projects – Coosa High School in Rome, Georgia – needed a new facility to not only handle increasing numbers of students, but also the new technology requirements these students bring with them.

Having achieved success with previous projects involving Belden, Logical Systems knew that Belden was a partner it could trust to execute the Coosa High School project quickly and efficiently, without cutting corners on performance or quality

Coosa High School


To ensure that the school was ready for the transition away from textbooks and toward e-learning, Floyd County School District built a brand new, three-story, 178,500-square-foot
replacement high school. Designed and constructed with an eye toward the future, the facility’s network infrastructure is capable of supporting the large upsurge in wireless devices being used by students, teachers and staff.

The project was no small job, requiring nearly 400 fiber field terminations. At three to four months ahead of schedule, the construction of Coosa High School was moving forward at a very quick pace in order to welcome students back from winter break in January 2016.

Coosa High School needed its network infrastructure to be installed quickly without cutting corners that would later impact performance; Logical Systems was ready for the challenge, but could not sacrifice network reliability just to increase productivity in the field.

Belden technician connects surveillance cameras and wireless access points to the network


After Logical Systems won a bid to install a Georgia high school network in 2014, requiring 192 fiber field terminations, the contractor searched for high performance connectors that offered:

  • Fast termination with fewer installation steps
  • No epoxy or polishing requirements
  • Installation without any special tools
  • Universal use in all applications

After researching connector options from several manufacturers, Logical Systems selected Belden FiberExpress (FX) Brilliance Universal Connectors for their fast and easy terminations.

Because of how quickly the FX Brilliance Universal Connectors were installed – and the no-fail performance they offered – Logical Systems selected Belden again for the Coosa High School project. The new building required more than twice the number of terminations as the previous school project, and faced a tighter timeline. Logical Systems knew it needed a partner that could deliver, and Belden had a proven track record.

3 steps


The fiber-to-the-classroom application for Coosa High School called for a network switch in each of the building’s 53 classrooms. Both 12-strand and 24 strand fiber backbone cables were used between intermediate distribution frames (IDFs).

To meet Coosa High School’s tight construction schedule without sacrificing reliability or performance, FX Brilliance Universal Connectors offered several time- and money-saving benefits:

  • No need for crimping – only three installation steps
  • Connectors can be re-terminated up to five times to eliminate waste
  • No special installation tools necessary, although installation kits are available with tools for preparing fiber and providing a stable work platform
  • Immediate termination feedback through visual fault windows – installers know a good termination is made when the connector body light shuts off
  • Decreased labor requirements, with only three main fiber installers needed to complete nearly 400 terminations
Coosa High School


FX Brilliance Universal Connectors kept the Coosa High School job on track, with all terminations completed in less than two weeks. On average, each termination took between two and three minutes, including fiber preparation. This cut termination time in half as compared to other field-termination solutions.

During network testing, no connector failures were found – each connector exceeded published dB loss standards. The same has held true postinstallation; Coosa High School hasn’t encountered a single network issue.

After completion of the Coosa High School project, Logical Systems has used Belden in two other school projects, successfully finishing another 240 fast, problem-free terminations. Two additional school projects are planned later this year, involving another 400 terminations.

Belden is now the sole provider of field-termination connectors for Logical Systems due to the performance of the FX Brilliance Universal Connectors field-termination solution

FX Brilliance Universal Connectors