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Network Cabling Services & Orlando Police Department

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With help from Belden, Network Cabling Services efficiently designed and deployed a robust, futureproof network to support innovative technology being used in the new Orlando Police Department headquarters building.


Established in 1989 in Jacksonville, FL, Network Cabling Services (NCS) specializes in low-voltage network installation. Its BICSI-certified installers and technicians provide cabling design and installation for healthcare, government, theme park and K-12 projects.

Understanding today’s advances in technology, as well as the high level of expertise required to create a futureproof structured cabling system, NCS has completed projects for several well-known clients, including the recent headquarters building for the Orlando Police Department.

Conference room in Orlando Police Department
orlando police department interior


To enhance operations and create an environment that could make use of the latest technology to protect community members, the Orlando Police Department built a 94,000-square-foot, $50 million facility that opened in early 2017, designed by Architects Design Group.

The Orlando Police Department wanted to be able to deploy new technology in the future without having to worry about downtime or lost productivity. It needed a network infrastructure that would not only allow for fast processing of police reports, but also support state-of- the-art technology (including a mesh camera network and a digital forensics unit that will protect digital evidence in cases involving cell phones and computers).

Belden network cables
guy working on electrical cords


Partnering together on successful projects in the past, NCS knew Belden had the expertise and experience required to deliver a futureproof, end-to-end system that could provide the Orlando Police Department with a solid, reliable and high-performance infrastructure.

“Based on the options presented to us, and the manufacturers that were out there, Belden had the best all-around, end-to- end solution for the needs of the Orlando Police Department,” says Derek Horstmeyer, branch manager for Network Cabling Services. “We wanted to provide something that would give the Orlando Police Department a lot of headroom and the ability to upgrade in the future when necessary.”

Belden has provided solutions for Toyota Motor North America for nearly three decades.
audio visual cords



Using Belden’s small-diameter 10GXS Category 6A cabling allowed NCS to fit all necessary cables into small closets while reducing requirements for wire management, rack sizes and rack quantities.

“The small-diameter 6A cable was a huge help based on space,” says Horstmeyer. “The conduit pathways down the walls, along with the types of furniture they were installing inside the police department headquarters, would’ve made using a standard-sized Category 6A cable very difficult.”

The small-diameter cable’s design also ensures structural integrity and maintains distance between pairs, helping safeguard against potential performance problems due to cable damage or frequent moves, adds and changes.

Using the new Belden REVConnect Connectivity System drastically decreased termination time for NCS, allowing it to keep the project on track and on time.

“Once you terminated the jack, it eliminated any open pairs with the type of compression tool used,” says Horstmeyer. “This was really important because of the modular furniture locations where kickplates are being moved around; we had some tight spaces to get them into. Having a jack that was robust and sturdy, and could take a little bit more abuse than a standard 110-style jack, was certainly beneficial.”

Belden racks, ladder trays, patch panels and patch cords were also used throughout the project to create a complete end-to-end solution.



With a robust cabling infrastructure that is designed to support state-of-the-art technology, the Orlando Police Department can confidently incorporate new systems to protect citizens as time goes on.

By partnering with Belden, NCS was able to dramatically decrease termination time on the project, allowing the Orlando Police Department to adhere to its timeline. “Using REVConnect, once we had the cable sitting there ready to go, our techs could install a jack in about a minute and a half or two minutes,” says Horstmeyer.

“We wanted to provide something that would give the Orlando Police Department a lot of headroom and the ability to upgrade in the future when necessary.” - Derek Horstmeyer, Branch Manager for Network Cabling Services