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Toyota Motor North America

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To support Toyota’s continued move toward convergence and digital buildings, Belden provided not only high-performance cable and connectivity solutions for the auto manufacturer’s corporate headquarters in Plano, TX, but also comprehensive teamwork and communication to meet an aggressive project schedule with seamless delivery and installation.


As Toyota continues to grow, it wanted a place to bring team members from four different divisions together in one campus location. To support discovery, collaboration and innovation, Toyota built a 2.2 million-square-foot, billion-dollar corporate headquarters across 100 acres in Plano, TX.

The campus is LEED Platinum certified, and made up of seven state-of-the-art buildings, (eight if you count the Specialty Building, which integrates cutting-edge technology and provides jobs for 4,000+ employees). The new campus merges offices that were previously scattered around North America, including in Canada and Mexico.

Toyota's LEED Platinum certified campus
The New Toyota of North America Campus


As a fast-track project with a tight timeline, Toyota wanted a cabling partner that could keep up, and quickly supply the millions of feet of cable that would be needed. It was also in search of a partner that offered an entire breadth of products, including cable and connectivity. By relying on Belden as a trusted advisor, the company wanted to streamline cabling and connectivity infrastructure as much as possible.

Due to the technology being deployed across campus, it was also important that the cabling solution offer the parameters necessary to support convergence and Power over Ethernet (PoE) to connect surveillance cameras and wireless access points to the network.

Belden technician connects surveillance cameras and wireless access points to the network


Belden has provided solutions for the auto manufacturer for nearly three decades. Toyota has also relied on Bonded-Pair technology from Belden since the mid-1990s for many cabling projects due to its robust construction and high reliability; it has performed flawlessly throughout the years.

To help Toyota become familiar with more of its offerings beyond cable, Belden shared its entire end-to-end connectivity solutions and services with the company. The Belden team was also able to commit to getting nearly 500,000 linear feet of cable ready to go within two to three weeks after receiving the first PO so the project could stay on track.

Belden has provided solutions for Toyota Motor North America for nearly three decades.


Because of the size and scope of the project, thorough planning sessions were conducted among Belden, Toyota, PartnerAlliance contractor ComNet, distributor Anixter, consultant Telios Engineering and contractor Austin Commercial LP (Technology Team) to get it started on the right foot, and make sure the project continued without delay to keep the timeline on track.

Belden formed Team Toyota, assigning specific roles to Belden employees so that Toyota received consistent, continuous support from several different departments, from logistics and customer service to technical and product support. Expectations were defined upfront so that all team members knew what to anticipate in terms of communication and scheduling.

In partnership with Toyota, Belden also created a project calendar so everyone knew exactly when certain things were happening – and who at Belden was managing them. This gave Toyota peace of mind in knowing that, even if a Belden Team Toyota member was out sick or on vacation, an entire group of people was available to answer questions and provide service.

Before walking onto the jobsite, every onsite ComNet technician, along with select Austin Commercial LP technicians, completed Belden training to become proficient in the termination of 10GX KeyConnect jacks.

The new Toyota campus utilizes Belden’s 10GXS Category 6A Bonded-Pair cabling, which saves up to 25% in terms of space and weight thanks to its smaller diameter. Insulated conductors of Bonded-pair cables are affixed along their longitudinal axes, resulting in uniform conductor-to-conductor spacing for consistent electrical performance.

The cable’s EquiSpline™ jacket ensures structural integrity to maintain distance between pairs, ensuring the best performance possible. It’s also fast to install, with easy-to-separate pairs and easy-to-remove barrier tape.

KeyConnect patch panels, jacks and faceplates were deployed throughout the campus, designed for maximum flexibility, durability and manageability. Outside plant (OSP) Category 6A cable from Belden extends Toyota networks outdoors while withstanding exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures, as well as resisting abrasion and tearing.



By performing due diligence upfront, Belden helped Toyota keep its new Plano headquarters project on track so it could open in July 2017 as planned, welcoming 4,000+ employees to campus.

A robust Category 6A cabling system connects Toyota’s team, no matter where they are on the 100-acre campus: outside, at their desks, in a collaboration room or in one of the onsite convenience stores.

Belden end-to-end solutions span converging technologies, connecting traditional commercial infrastructure with security, audio/video and wireless. By being able to work with a single manufacturer partner, Toyota formed a relationship with Belden that resulted in added value, service and support.

The cabling and connectivity infrastructure installed across campus will help Toyota be faster to market and respond quickly to what their customers desire. It will also support Toyota’s continued move toward convergence and digital buildings.

The cabling and connectivity infrastructure installed across campus will help Toyota be faster to market and respond quickly to what their customers desire.