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Veterans Communication

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Data Center Ready solutions made it possible for this systems integrator to complete a major communications rollout for 45 U.S. Air Force sites in less than 30 days.


Veterans Communication in Ontario, CA, got its start more than 18 years ago as a cabling contractor for state and federal government agencies. Since then, the company has grown to become a full systems integrator that continues to work closely with the government and prime contractors to complete complex data, voice and cabling projects, including network design, installation and maintenance.

The U.S. Air Force recently contacted Veterans Communication about a fast-track, high-performance communications project involving 45 remote sites across three U.S. states.

Vet Comm Airplane Hanger


The sites were located in isolated areas, making access and roll-out difficult. Every site needed cabinets to be built out in the same way, using identical high-performance network gear. The U.S. Air Force also needed the project to be completed quickly, with a 30-day timeline that left no room for errors or delays.

“When we first started the project, we were trying to decide how to roll cabinets and related components out to 45 different remote locations,” says Mark Montgomery, president of Veterans Communication. “To minimize mistakes, everything was going to be boxed up and labeled so the right components ended up at the correct site for the technicians. We anticipated that process taking up massive amounts of time.”

The U.S. Air Force also had specific requirements for each cabinet: patch panels installed at a specific rack elevation, wiring management installed at a specific rack elevation, PDUs pre-installed, etc.



After learning about the U.S. Air Force project, Veterans Communication contacted Belden to discuss cabling options.

As Belden discovered more about the project’s requirements, it became obvious that Veterans Communication needed more than just cabling. It needed a partner that could design, build and deliver customized enclosures to save time, minimize the potential for human error and substantially reduce labor costs.

Belden explained its Data Center Ready capabilities, which accelerate deployment, reduce material handling and simplify ordering. Using this solution, Veterans Communication could provide the U.S. Air Force with customized enclosures that would arrive ready to receive servers or switches.

Belden Data Center Ready capabilities


Veterans Communication and Belden worked together to develop a single pre-configured cabinet, including power, monitoring, cooling and structured cabling, in a single part number. This allowed Veterans Communication to order using one part number for each of the 45 sites, with all the materials arriving as a kit for fast, easy, error-free installation.

“Using Data Center Ready solutions from Belden made this project much easier,” says Montgomery. “With everything already installed inside the cabinets, all we had to do was load the boxes onto wood pallets – no labeling or material handling necessary. It made it very easy for the U.S. Air Force to grab the pallets and go, dropping one box at each destination without worrying about getting the right box to the correct site.”

All pre-installation work was performed by Belden, substantially reducing labor costs for Veterans Communication. “We didn’t have to install patch panels or PDUs – everything was already inside, including the cables and jacks,” says Montgomery. “All we needed to do was roll our technicians out to the sites. They removed the plastic wrap, opened the cabinets and voilà – they were all ready to go. The cabinets were ready to receive servers or switches.”

Not only was each cabinet set up and ready for deployment, but all cabinets had been tested and were guaranteed to work immediately.

With all components bundled together, Data Center Ready solutions also prevented Veterans Communication technicians from losing or misplacing important components onsite, such as jacks or patch panels.

“We were able to configure the entire solution for each site under one part number, which made it very simple for my team, the distributor and the customer to process quickly,” says Montgomery. That part number has been saved, making it easy for Veterans Communication to order the same pre-configured cabinets again for future U.S. Air Force sites.

“Without Belden’s Data Center Ready solutions, meeting the 30-day deadline would have been a stretch,” says Montgomery. “By using this process, we didn’t have to worry about unforeseen issues. Everything was delivered on time with no damage; all components were there and already installed.”



Belden Data Center Ready solutions helped Veterans Communication increase profits on this U.S. Air Force project by:

  • Utilizing just one part number, making it easier to get products quoted, purchased and invoiced
  • Kitting, which reduced shipping and handling costs and allowed for faster deployment to all 45 sites
  • On-time shipping, with the order shipped correctly, 100% complete and with components preinstalled to meet specific requirements

After the success of the U.S. Air Force project, Montgomery says Veterans Communication plans to use Belden’s Data Center Ready solutions again in other upcoming complex, multi-site rollouts.

Belden Data Center Ready solutions