Download the application note “Enhance System Performance and Safety with Parallel VFD Cables

This application note explains:VFD-Cable-Main-Graphic

  • The importance of high ground potential copper and conductor surface area in reducing common mode current and its harmful effects
  • How parallel construction eases cable handling difficulties
  • The NEC code provisions for parallel VFD cable installations
  • A sample buildup of VFD cable capabilities suitable for high-power drive systems of different power levels
  • What to consider when comparing single-conductor versus parallel conductor VFD cable
  • The basic rules for parallel conductor applications

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Belden Expert


Peter Cox brings 29 years of experience in the industrial automation and process control fields to his role as director of industrial projects for Belden's industrial cable business.

His experience with variable frequency drive (VFD) systems goes back to 1988, when he participated in the test of the first VFD cables developed with a major drive manufacturer.

With a background in engineering, sales and project management, and a degree in mechanical engineering, Peter's VFD cabling recommendations are both practical and sound.