Download the application note “Reliably Transmit Real-Time Data in Maritime Ships with New Gigabit Ethernet Switch”

This application note explains:Maritme_Ships_Transportaton-WhiitePaper

  • How a major European maritime ship producer selected new Ethernet switches for their network application to enable real-time data transmission 
  • The customer’s specific system requirements and how Belden recommended and deployed a solution to help save space, time and costs
  • Details about one of Belden’s newest modular Gigabit switches – the MSP30-X – and what it offers that other switches don’t

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Belden Expert


Richard Weatherburn has 15 years of experience with the transportation industry and was a major contributor to this project.

He brings many years of practical experience to his work driving application-based marketing and customer engagement for the transportation sector.

Richard is a global marketing manager at Belden and holds an Honors degree in communication engineering.