Download the Case Study "Bosch Rexroth Chooses Hirschmann to Support Wireless Connectivity for Industrial Tools"

This Case Study explains:WhitePaperMainGraphic-CS00020.jpg

  • With its best-in-class wireless connectivity products for industrial environments, Belden supports Bosch Rexroth’s efforts to meet customer and worker needs for a wireless nutrunner.

  • The Nexo Cordless Wi-Fi Nutrunner, with connectivity to Hirschmann OpenBAT access points, gives manufacturers a futuristic way to perform routine tasks with high reliability, lower risk and optimal productivity.

  • With this “smart” nutrunner, it’s easy to document data and glean insights from seemingly simple tasks to help companies continuously improve their processes.

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This new case study uncovers how one company used wireless technology to bring more value to its customers by automating simple fine tuning tasks.

From the Case Study:

“Our customers depend on us for the solutions they need to do their jobs today and ones that allow them to capitalize on the innovation that will transform their businesses tomorrow.”

“The Bosch Rexroth Nexo Cordless Wi-Fi Nutrunner, with an integrated control system and wireless connectivity, captures and delivers all the potential of Industry 4.0 – where machines are connected, information is visualized and shared to improve production and outcomes – and it all happens seamlessly.”