Case Study "Hirschmann OpenRail RS20 Managed Switches Chosen to Network Automobile Parts Production Lines at American Axle Manufacturing"

This Case Study explains:CP_CS_RS20

  • Why American Axle Manufacturing (AAM) has installed dozens of Hirschmann products in manufacturing plants throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

  • Why EtherNet/IP best fit the company’s criteria of high speeds, reliable performance, industry standard (non-proprietary) accessibility, and full capability of future expansion.

This case study uncovers how AAM used EtherNet/IP as
the preferred protocol to improving manufacturing output.

From the Case Study:

“By combining the Hirschmann switches with the Hirschmann patchcord products, AAM was able to implement exactly the standard architecture and procedures they were looking for and have achieved the resulting network performance and reliability that they originally forecast and budgeted for.”


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