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  • To meet the state of the technology as well as to improve reliability, Stadtwerke Karlsruhe Netzservice GmbH decided to update some of their substations with modern GIS that improves the electrical power supply in the manner of reliability, maintenance cost and losses

  • The project involved updating the largest substation (West) as well as two other substations (Blöße and Heide). At Substation-West, the goal was to completely renew the existing 110kV outdoor primary equipment with SF6 GIS

  • In addition, new Substation Automation Systems (SAS) were required to protect, monitor and control the switchgear operations for all three substations

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From the Case Study:

“System Integrator IDS GmbH selects Hirschmann industrial Ethernet switches for modernizing three substations in Karlsruhe, southwestern Germany.”

“Critical aspects of the network were redundancy at the substation level and fast integration of IDS’s bay control units.”