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Swiss Railway Company Improves Train Reliability With Trusted Hirschmann Solution

SBB upgraded its onboard vehicle Ethernet network services with a breakthrough solution to carry it into the future.

This Case Study explains:

  • How Swiss Federal Railways strengthens the reliability of its onboard vehicle Ethernet network services
  • How to optimize overall railway control, maintenance and timeliness for future-proof networks
  • Network solutions to provide constant connectivity for PIS, remote monitoring and maintenance, emergency calls, and onboard entertainment
  • A system overview of the SBB FV-Dosto concept with the network and its connected devices

From the Case Study:

"As more passengers turn to rail, the need for advancement in safety, functionality and control in railway operations exponentially increases."

"With strict physical limitations inside rail vehicles, the compact switches needed to be easily installed and include high port counts with Gigabit speeds, Layer 3 support, and have a standard M12 and norm connector – all to ensure efficiency and reliability through the network."

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