Download the report: “SANS 2016 ICS State of ICS Security Survey”

This report explains:WhitePaperMainGraphicSANSReport.jpg

  • The ICS security recommendations of the SANS Institute, based on the survey results of 330 industrial organizations

  • The increase in perceived threat levels  to control systems from 2015 to 2016 and the top threat vectors of concern

  • The control system components at greatest risk for compromise, according to respondents

  • The state of high-level security policies and controls, including responsibilities, tools and budgets

  • An update on IT/OT integration and the need for an IT/OT convergence security strategy

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From the SANS 2016 ICS Security Survey Report:

“…67 percent of global industrial control systems (ICS) professionals surveyed across all industrial sectors perceive severe or high levels of cyber threat to control systems – a 43 percent increase from the 2015 survey results.”

“Turning to business drivers for control system security, ensuring reliability and availability of control systems continues to lead, chosen by 56% of respondents.”

“Overall responses indicate that control system defenders are improving at discovering successful infiltrations of their networks.”

“Organizations should conduct security assessments, complete with inventories of assets and connections, at least quarterly.”

“A singularly important message from the data gathered in this survey is that little has changed for the better in the past year.”

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