Download the white paper: "Defending Against the Dragonfly Cyber Security Attacks

Part A - Identifying the Targets

This white paper includes:DragonflyMalewareWP_CTA

  • An explanation of the significance of the Dragonfly malware campaign for the automation market.
  • An overview of malware components.
  • The timeline of the attacks.
  • An analysis of the ICS-related vendors companies that were compromised.
  • The reasoning used to conclude that the target of the malware campaign is the pharmaceutical sector.

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Joel Langill is an independent ICS security expert who was commissioned by Belden to create this paper.

Joel has more than 30 years of field experience with industrial automation and control systems. He is the founder of the globally recognized website and of RedHat Cyber, an industrial cyber security services firm.

Joel is an active ICS security researcher with numerous contributions to CERT organizations around the world.