Download the white paper: “The Case for Specifying Industrial Ethernet Cable for Harsh Environments”

This white paper explains:

  • The risks, priorities and true cost of signal transmission failures for industrial Ethernet network infrastructure
  • The applications and environments where industrial-grade cable delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over office-grade cable
  • A detailed comparison of office-grade versus industrial-grade cable components
  • The environmental factors to evaluate when determining Ethernet cable requirements
  • How to select the right industrial-grade Ethernet cable, including whether it should be  copper or fiber

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From the white paper:

“In addition to system integration and interoperability, there are many other key business benefits to a complete, end-to-end Ethernet solution – from cabling and connectivity, to active components and associated hardware.”

“Untimely and costly disruptions can largely be prevented through a well-planned and executed network infrastructure that incorporates environmentally hardened, industrial-grade components in the physical, data link and network layers.”

“Given many network performance problems are due to failure at the physical media layer – it is critical to ensure that components are designed and constructed to withstand the operational and environmental stressors to which they are subjected.”