Download the white paper “A Construction Kit for Secure Wireless Network Design

This white paper explains:Construction Kit for Secure Wireless Network Design

  • How to identify the specific security needs of industrial wireless networks

  • The process of assessing industrial control system (ICS) security from the outside of a network in using a Defense in Depth strategy

  • The different security mechanisms available for wireless network design, including their effects and limitations

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From the white paper:

"While evaluating security needs, it is often difficult to see the big picture in the maze of various technologies and strategies."

"Poorly configured wireless communication systems introduce new risks to the network and the industrial applications that rely on it."

"It is important that a WLAN solution can quickly detect anomalies in the wireless communication before the attacker can affect the operation of the industrial plant."

"The options for securing IWLAN networks are very diverse, but a combination of these features and functions will result in an organized construction kit rather than a patchwork of protection measures."