Download the white paper How to Select the Right Antenna for Industrial Wireless Applications

This white paper explains:How to Select the Right Antenna for Industrial Wireless Applications

  • The different types of antenna technologies and their typical uses
  • How antennas were specified for three industrial applications:
    1. Mobile equipment in a large production area
    2. Real-time SCADA system status for mobile workers in a small production area
    3. Factory floor communications for automated mobile devices
  • The cost savings, reliability and competitive advantages of using WLAN for in-house applications

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From the white paper:

"The robustness, reliability and availability of wireless connections can be increased dramatically by using the right antenna."

"The primary types of antenna are directional, omni-directional and MiMo (Multiple In Multiple Out)."

“WLAN connections achieve the reliability of cable connections in 90 percent of applications.”

“Organizations can expect an improvement in their processes from using industrial wireless. This includes a reduction in minor breakdowns, shorter startup times and the real-time status of mobile devices. Cost savings range from 10-30 percent.”