Cut Harmful Electrical Noise with Correct VFD Cabling Practices

This white paper explains:

VFD Cabling Practices
  • The challenges associated with the inherent characteristics of variable frequency drive (VFD) installations.
  • How investing in high-performance VFD motor connections eliminates electrical noise and avoids production downtime, damaged machines and system failures.
  • How to select and install the right cable for VFD motor connections.
  • How to increase reliability, improve safety and reduce maintenance by using the right VFD motor cabling.

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From the white paper:

“Selecting and installing the right cable for VFD-motor connections mitigates or eliminates many of the issues that can arise from the inherent characteristics of VFD installations.

A relatively small investment in properly designing, selecting and installing the right VFD-motor cabling increases reliability, improves safety and reduces maintenance.”  

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