Download the "Windows XP End of Service: Practical Options for Industrial Applications" White Paper

This white paper explains:WhitePaper_WindowsXPEndofService

  • What the end of service for Windows XP means for industrial applications 
  • Where to look to identify your Windows XP inventory
  • Three options for protecting your operations
  • The "domino effect" that upgrading Windows XP systems has on equipment and systems
  • How industrial firewalls protect your systems immediately and allow for the lengthy upgrade process

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Learn how the end of service for Windows XP impacts your operation and what to do about it!



Frank Williams has 30 years of experience in taking new technologies to market in the process automation industries.

For the last three years, he has been focused on developing the industrial cyber security market.

Frank was the senior manager responsible for Belden's security initiative.


For the last seven years, Scott Howard has helped companies around the world design and implement cyber security solutions.

He has trained customers, consultants and system integrators on industrial cyber security.

Scott is responsible for security solutions in Belden’s commercial engineering group.