Download the white paper: “Defending Industrial Control Systems with Tripwire”

This white paper explains:White Paper - Defending Industrial Control Systems with Tripwire

  • What are the DHS’ seven steps to effectively defend Industrial Control Systems?

  • Tips for using Tripwire technology to defend ICS

  • Real world advice from Tripwire, workplace use cases and DHS ICS-CERT

  • The state of high-level security policies and controls, including responsibilities, tools and budgets

  • An update on IT/OT integration and the need for an IT/OT convergence security strategy

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From the white paper: 

“The growing threat to Industrial Control Systems has not been without response. This white paper will explore how the U.S. federal government has responded to this threat with recommendations for defending Industrial Control Systems, along with how Tripwire products can specifically address those recommendations.”


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