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"The Case for VFD Cable to Achieve System Reliability and Safety"

Optimum operational performance and safety are absolutely critical in industrial applications involving mission-critical areas. Achieve these goals by learning new ways to enable more flexibility, prevent common causes of system downtime, and reduce costs with the proper VFD Cables.

This white paper explains:WhitePaper-VFD

  • Where VFD cables should be used

  • The four common challenges in VFD applications

  • The benefits of proper VFD cabling for maximizing uptime and increasing the life cycle of motor systems

  • The key design elements of a robust VFD system

  • The case for choosing NFPA79-compliant cables

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From the white paper:

“VFD applications face unique challenges when managing electrical current and other factors. Without proper planning, applications could experience many issues, including disrupted network communication, inaccurate process performance, power loss, motor failure and cable destruction.

“While there is no official standard for VFD cables, there are critical differences between true VFD cabling, and other cables marketed as such. Any manufacturer can classify any cable as a VFD cable. It is incumbent on the user to understand the construction requirements needed for a given application to select a suitable cable.”

“It is possible to have high copper content, proper insulation thickness, and enhanced flexibility within one cable. With finer cable stranding and the right choice of jacket materials extreme flexibility is possible, while simultaneously increasing copper surface area to reduce high frequency loss and cable heating.”


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