White paper "House of ICS Security"

This white paper explains:

The different parts of the House of ICS Security and shows with the following sections how to guide a discussion:

White Paper

  • Categorization of Threats and Countermeasures

  • Using the House to Discover Relevant Security Technologies

  • Navigating the Rooms of the House of ICS Security

  • Drawers in the Rooms

  • Foundation and Roof of the House of ICS Security – Essential for Stability

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From the white paper:

"The IIoT and Industry 4.0 lead to much more interconnected ICS. This enables companies to increase their productivity and efficiency, but it also makes them more susceptible to threats from the virtual world, the so-called cyberspace. With the interactive model “House of ICS Security,” the threats as well as the corresponding countermeasures can be categorized on the basis of consistent criteria."

"The interactive model, offered through a website and a smartphone app, offers plant operators and security experts a shared foundation to develop customized security solutions."

"A comprehensive security strategy can only be achieved through small steps and gradual improvements – and this process actually never ends. But as it is well known, the first step is always the hardest. With the help of the House of ICS Security, this essential first step can be facilitated to great extent."



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